Meursault is out!

Out on your favorite streaming service, Meursault Omega’s debut release ‘Meursault’ is coming out to intrigue you with a powerful mix of heavy, noisy, dirty & doomy thrash rock metal. Let the music wash over you and soak up in the Meursault Omega’s sauce!


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About us

Formed in 2019, Meursault Omega is an alternative noise metal project realized by Cliff Scott (Nicli), assisted by some fellow musicians of the Milan Area (Raigo, Satinu and Krako). The project has born with the intent to create a catchy and solid metal adhering to the rhythm of the modern world; so the the sounds and the vocals are often noisy and dirty, how noisy, dirty and convulsed could be the continous intrusions in our common life.


Nicli wrote all the musics and lyrics inspired by this attitude. Day by day, the project took its form and consistency with the rest of the band working hard following the mood. The effort culminated in the ‘Meursault’ album, eleven intense tracks of pure rock discharge and volcanic metalness.


In this stream, the lyrics crosses many topics dear to their author: mystery, horror, religion, sci-fi, fantasy, history, mass manipulation, past civilizations... All these products, seen in retrospective, are multiple traces for the new inhabitants of planet Earth or are they useless relics, buried and forgotten, under the modern waste mountain? Is this vulgar manipulated technology age doomed to make a inglorious end itself or will it be able to redeem? Will the plastic burning smell of the new modern Moloch, Meursault Omega, be sourer than the dust and the ashes of the past splendour or are we going to enter the gates of a new superior collective consciousness? We’ll sit on the merry-go-round and we will see.


After this debut release, mainly mixed and produced in Cliff’s own studio in Milan, in 2020 the band is planning to play their music alive, to get it on with promotion and to lay the ground for new materials. Meursault Omega is out, alive and kicking.