Cold Thirst is out!


Released in 2021

01 - Wood and Flies (1:49)

02 - I Thirst (3:37)

03 - Blowing from a Gun (3:31)

04 - Sad Days in Alcolu (3:36)

05 - Death by a Thousand Cuts (5:05)

06 - The Outsider (3:42)

07 - Limerick Man (3:30)

08 - Bloody Babs (4:03)

09 - Pavane (5:02)

10 - A Tumble-down Nook by the Sea (4:00)

11 - The End is Near (3:50)

12 - To the Core (5:03)



About us

Meursault Omega is a project devised by Cliff Scott, audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and producer, working in Milano (Italy)


Meursault is the main character of 'The Outsider', the book published by Albert Camus in 1942. Meursault, sentenced to death for having killed an Arab - yes, he is the same Meursault 'killing in Arab' in the Cure's song - embodies Camus' philosophy, that absurdism coupled with existentialism that Camus rejected but it's still actual and a significative in the modern western age.  Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, used for extension as synonime of 'Death' (I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end - Revelation 22:13). So Meursault Omega is the modern man going through is definitive end, a spiritual end more than a material one.


After the debut album 'Meursault', released in 2020, the project continues in 2021 with 'Cold Thirst', a psychedelic journey on capital death to which have collaborated many artsts of the Italian metal scene: Chiara Manese, Francesca Tosi, Asator Ægishjálmur, Simona Guerrini, Lunaria Wistful, Carlo Fiore, Matteo Venegoni. Unfortunately, Matteo died by cerebral hemorrhage in the beginning of 2021 at 33 yo. The album is dedicated to his memory.